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At GetSmart, we make it our business to add value and fun to your everyday life.

No matter where in SA you find yourself, from the big cities to the rural landscapes, benefits that include special offers, freebies, cash value vouchers, discounts and 10% deals are yours to enjoy with GetSmartCard.

Everyday a dedicated team makes it their mission to find more vouchers, discounts and experiences for you to enjoy.

Finding You Discounts and Vouchers since 2008

We negotiate the best deals for our members!


Our aim is not only to advise our members on where to shop but also allow them to save money in all spheres of their lives. From groceries, clothing, car, home and building maintenance, to medical, dental, financial and anything else that you can think of. Simply contact us and request a discount at an institution close to you and our reps will gladly negotiate a discount for you! We pull out all the stops to offer Premium products and services in South Africa at the Best possible prices. Among our respected business partners you are sure to find luxury and quality without the financial strain. As a member you not only have the choice of using our featured offers, you can also request discounts from companies not currently listed on our website. We go the extra mile to provide you with offers that suit your specific needs. Contact our call centre to help you tailor make your discounts list and to negotiate an offer at the shops or restaurants of your choice.

How does it all work?

GetSmart Unlimited (Tier 1) This includes unlimited access to all vouchers and discounts seen on our website! There’s no limit on how many vouchers, 10% club discounts, cash value offers, and value-added deals you can grab. Plus, your subscription fee gives you access to the Personal Discount Finder benefit.

GetSmart Amazing (Tier 2) This gives you access to the Personal Discount Finder Benefit. You can e-mail or call us at any time and we will find you discounts on things that you really need.


At the very beginning

In 2008, the idea for a premier 1 stop discounts finding service came to us and we became the first in South Africa to offer a subscription service solely for finding clients discounts.

We believe that life is a negotiation and that you should never have to pay full price for anything again!

ID Protect

Your ID Protection cover protects you against any loss of identification like drivers license, identification book or card, passport, gym or health club membership, or any identification documents that you would need to replace in the event of loss or theft. We will pay for the re-issue of your document.

*As part of our services is to give you information to freebies, vouchers and coupons online, we list the best websites to get discounts and coupons in SA under our Buy Vouchers tab. These coupons, vouchers or deals NEEDS to be downloaded or purchased from the respective websites and has no affiliation to GetSmartCard.


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